are pleased to announce we've our own line of midi ironing beads - MRC Beads Midi 5mm.
These beads are fully compatible with Artkal and offer even more colours to choose from.
The additional shades fit in between the Artkal colour ranges and are therefore very suited to 3D projects.


There are 144 colors available, some of which will match Artkal, but many other colors are also available. We are still in the process of creating color schemes and we will also mention which colors might be similar to Artkal.
Our line is divided into several groups with color nuances/ Shades, so there is a better view of what nuances there are and (can) belong together.

So now you can see more by the number which color line you are dealing with. The Numering is the same as MARD which is a big brand in China. On Pinterest you can see a lot of examples of 3d projects. If the colour numbers have the name MARD in front of them, then these numbers are the same as MRC Beads.


We buy these beads separately and pack the bags ourselves, we are very flexible with the quantities you wish to order.
We start with 1,000 beads and one can always increase this by 1000 beads and further in the same bag.
We hope you will be as enthusiastic as we are.