Artkal A serie Mini 2.6mm

Kleurenkaart Artkal Mini 2,6mm A serie soft bead
Colorchart Artkal Mini A 2,6mm serie soft bead


Hello Dear People,


As you may have noticed, sometimes we have in our assortment colors that are not in the original Artkal packaging. The so called ziplock bags. Because the prices for importing the beads are so high (especially due to the Corona pandemic), we are forced to find other ways to provide you with those beautiful beads of Artkal. We are now going to buy more often larger bulk bags from ARtkal which we will put in smaller ziplock bags ourselves. These bags are resealable so that is another advantage. We would also like to inform you that the real Artkal beads will be in these Ziplock bags. Since we try to be as honest as possible we want to share this with you so you know the reason why we are going to do this. This is all just to keep the price from going up so much. We are sorry that we have to solve it this way but we hope for your understanding.